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Quite often we have the tiny yorkies. Some refer to these as Teacup Yorkies, for the simple fact that they are sometimes small enough to sit in a teacup and have their picture taken. They are sometimes referred to as Tiny Teacup Yorkies, Tiny Yorkies or miniature Yorkies. Whatever you choose to call them, we will often have teacup Yorkies for sale. They come from small, healthy Yorkie parents, and are lively and healthy little puppies; they are a pleasure to own.

They can be so playful and rowdy, that it is sometimes necessary to make sure they don't play past a rest time. If they get too excited for a long period of time, they can experience a drop in sugar, and go into sugar shock.


Hypoglycemia is the medical term for low blood sugar. Breeders often refer to this as sugar shock. This is a potential problem in all Yorkshire Terriers, and especially young ones. My experience is that sugar shock is more prone to occur in Yorkie puppies between 5 to 9 weeks. That is why a teacup Yorkie needs to be held past the usual 8 weeks sale date. This is more so true if the Yorkie puppy is being shipped. A plane ride or even a car ride can be very stressful on these little teacup Yorkies. 

If a puppy gets a cold, or is stressed for any reason, or plays for long periods of time, they can experience a drop in sugar. If your puppy acts tired and sleepy, if they refuse food for a meal or two, or they act lethargic, act immediately by giving them a little honey, or the solution that I have sent with your Yorkie puppy. Call a veterinarian if your Yorkshire Terrier doesn't respond pretty quickly. You can also call me.

Foods that can be fatal to Yorkie Puppies

Actually I would like to pass on some information that all dogs owners need to know.  You have bought one of our Yorkies for sale, and made it your family member.  You are aware of Yorkie puppies and hypoglycemia, and you are armed with information on training your puppy to go outside to relieve itself. And you are ready to teach your Yorkshire Terrier on how to behave at home and in public? Do you know that certain foods that most people would not suspect can be fatal to your Yorkshire Terrier?

Grapes and Raisins 

There are reports that as few as 7 raisins or grapes can do great harm to your dog. Grapes and raisins can be so toxic to Yorkies (and all dog breeds) that it can cause renal failure. Raisins are small and handy for most of us to have at hand. When your Yorkie Pet behaves in a way that pleases you, it is a very natural thing to reach for a little treat. You look around for that little box of raisins or that bundle of grapes in the bottom of the refrigerator. Doing this could prove fatal to that Yorkshire terrier dog that you love so much.

Yorkie Puppies And Other Poisonous Foods

I put the grapes and raisins in a priority place because it seems that so many people are unaware of the potential risks involved. There are other foods (and plants) that have proven to be just as harmful and sometimes fatal to dogs. Check labels on canned foods before feeding. Foods that contain onions and onion powder can be toxic and damage your Yorkie’s red blood cells. Most of us at one time or another has feed tiny Yorkies that were experiencing sugar shock, baby food. Baby foods can contain onion powder. If fed enough onion, your puppy can be at risk for problems.
That is not to say that if your Yorkie eats a little piece of onion peel, it will immediately fall over dead. 

The same is true about feeding dog large amounts of liver. 

Milk, raw eggs and diary products, such as cottage cheese, can cause diarrhea. A small Yorkie puppy cannot tolerate a huge loss of body fluids caused by diarrhea. They will become weak very quickly and display signs of sugar shock and dehydration. This usually leads to loss of appetite and your puppy is in serious circumstances. 

Give Your Dog a Bone?

Dogs and bones seem to go hand in hand. Chewing bones can be pleasant and helpful to your Yorkie.  Just follow some common sense guidelines. 
Always avoid bones that can become stuck in a dog’s throat or splinter in the digestive system. These bones are very hard to almost impossible to remove. There are some good choices such as hard rubber bones, just avoid small bones. You also might want to consider making your own doggie biscuits. 

Yorkie Puppies And Caffeine 

Yorkshire Terriers can develop the same kind of liking for chocolate that humans do. Who among us doesn't love a little tib bit of chocolate? NEVER FEED YOUR DOG CHOCOLATE or anything that has caffeine in the ingredients. Chocolate can affect the heart nervous system of a dog doing great harm. 

What Can I Feed my Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Feed your dog a good dog food that has been formulated by people who have studied animal nutrition, and know all of the facts about keeping your Yorkie healthy and happy. By doing so, you will eliminate a great many of the hazards that can affect your pet. 

Tea Cup Yorkie Predators
You have searched long and hard for just the right Yorkshire Terrier Puppy. Make sure that you are aware of the fact that all Yorkie Puppies have lots of predators. With just a smart amount of caution you can assure the safety of your puppy. 

Know The Predators
Threats come in different guises, shapes and sizes. 
A small Tea Cup Yorkie darting around in an open area, such as a field, can present a deceptive outward appearance. To a large hawk flying high overhead, it can look like a rodent, and the "swoop and capture" reflex can be triggered. 
Even your neighbors' friendly dog can experience the "sprint and capture" reflex. One family told us about a coyote that bounded from the surrounding woods, into their yard, and snatched their small, defenseless puppy.
Their was no time to reach their puppy, as the wild animal dashed back into the woods.
What was it that made you want to add a Yorkshire Terrier to your family? It was quite probably the first time you saw that ball of energy dashing around, eyes bright, silky hair flying in the wind. That is when people usually say, "I want one."
Make sure that the Yorkie you love so much is safe from human predators.
Unseen Tea Cup Yorkies
Your Yorkie loves to snuggle in a blanket, shirt, jeans, or anything else that is on the floor. If the object they have curled up into is full of material and folds, the predator here becomes a human foot. That is when a puppy nap becomes a  heart breaking disaster.
Is is safe to take your Yorkie on a walk, into the park or let it run and play in your yard? Of course it is. After all, that is most likely the reason you wanted a dog in the first place. The key to avoiding all of the scenes mentioned above, is to watch your puppy, just as you would watch your child in public and outside areas. Be aware of that bundle of silky hair running along side of you. They are depending on you for protection.

What size Yorkie puppy would be the best for my family? Ask yourself some question. Do you have small children that are rough and rowdy and like to run around the house a lot in play? One of the most common dangers for these tiny Yorkie dogs, is the risk of being stepped on. Believe me, it does happen and it is a heart breaking experience. There have been cases of small children running through the house and accidentally coming in contact with a Teacup Yorkie and knocking the small puppy up against the wall. This often results in a broken neck or bodily injury. 
Until your children get older, a mid sized Yorkshire Terrier, or even a bigger one is a much better choice for your family pet. 


When an advertiser lists "cheap Yorkies or free yorkies for sale," pay close attention. It is usually a scam. Most registered average-sized and teacup Yorkies for sale will range from $400 up to several thousand dollars. 
These free or cheap offers are usually scammers who are more than glad to take your money and not deliver the puppy that has been promised to you. 


These scams can be very costly and disappointing to a person who is eagerly awaiting their new family pet. To avoid these scams, pay close attention to the breeder. Look for someone who will discuss their puppies with you. Made sure you have a phone number that will reach the breeder you are dealing with. Most breeders have a web site where you can see past and present puppies, and the parents as well. The chances are good that when you find the right breeder, you also find a good friend.

Here at DR'S Yorkies, we use Eukanuba brand dog food. This food has no fillers in it, and works great with my small breed yorkie puppies, especially the tea cup size. Here is a link to their web site, where you can check out the ingredients for your self. 
A tiny yorkie will also need wet foods when very young or when they are not feeling up to their usual self and you think there may be a drop in sugar.


Help. My puppy pees on my carpet! I may have to get rid of my new friend, as much as I don't want too. That is a very common problem, especially with new puppy owners. 
Begin your housebreaking procedures immediately. Always be patient! Take your puppy to a designated area in your yard. Be consistent. If your dog is sneaking off to another room and having an accident, you will have to take some of his freedom away until the problem is solved. The longer you allow this type of behavior, the longer it will take to train your puppy. When your  puppy sneaks away, follow and take him outdoors very quickly. Take him to his designated place to finish eliminating. 
A big role in house training, is training yourself to be consistent (even in cold weather) to take your yorkie puppy out at the proper time. 
Take your yorkshire terrier out just as soon as it awakens from a nap, eats and drinks, upon leaving it training crate, early morning just as soon as your family gets out of bed.
These tips will work, if followed faithfully. As the puppy gets older, it will be more able to follow the training, wait longer between outside trips, and just overall be easier to manage potty accidents. 
Remember, he is just a baby, and doesn't know what you are talking about until he learns. 


My good friends, the Will Parker family are usually in charge of transporting our teacup Yorkies for sale and other Yorkies for sale when they need plane rides. 


Our Yorkies for sale are registered with The American Kennel Club, and the Apri registry. We are very proud to announce that we have some APRI champions. Check them out on our male and female pages.




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