Billy answers your Frequently Asked Questions

How are puppies shipped?

Our yorkie puppies are shipped with airlines that provide pressurized, climate controled areas for the puppies. We have our choice of airlines that we will discuss with you if you need to.

Can I purchase two puppies and save on shipping?
Yes! If two Yorkies are going to the same destination, they can share a crate, and travel for the the price of one shipment.Puppies traveling together are a comfort to each other during their leaving home time.

Can I put a Puppy on Hold?

A deposit of $250.00 will hold your puppy. This deposit is non-refundable.

How do I Purchase a puppy?

PayPal is our number one method of payment. However, we accept bank transfers and checks,and Wal-Mart money Grams that are mailed and have cleared our bank  before the puppy leaves here. When you are ready to select that perfect puppy, call us and we will guide you through PayPal or discuss your choice of payment.

How Old Will my Puppy be when it is shipped?

Because puppies vary in size and maturity ages, they are shipped on their own "ready timetables!"
Some are ready at 8 weeks, and some takes longer.

How soon will I get my Puppy once it is on the plane?

Our puppies are shipped very early on Wednesday Mornings. Arrival time can be from 3 to 6 hours. We search for the best, direct flights available, and are usually very successful in obtaining good flights.

Can I Pick my Puppy up myself?

Yes! What a wonderful way to receive your puppy. Your puppy will love you for it, and you will have the journey home to bond with your new family member.

Do I have to have an Account with PayPal to use it?


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