Helpful Tips

Chew Toys
All new puppies will chew on whatever is available. Make careful choices when you purchase a toy for your puppy. Never use a toy small enough to swallow or get stuck in the throat. Toys made with nylon are a good choice. Chew toys will help in your puppies' dental hygiene.

I send a puppy starter care package with each puppy. I will discuss with you the type of dog food that I prefer, and how to change the puppy over to your choice of dog food. Always leave food and water in front of a young puppy until they feel at ease and at home with you. Later you may decide to feed on a schedule.  

Chocolate, antifreeze, certain lawn chemicals, rodenticides, certain plants, along with other things can pose a problem!  It is a wise idea to puppy proof your home and surroundings.

I start newspaper training puppies when they are a few weeks old. You need to keep up the training by designating one area outside as a potty area.
Always take your puppy out after eating, drinking, napping or a good play. Never hit your puppy for forgetting he is in the house when he needs to relieve himself. After all, you don't want him to hide from you when he needs a potty break!

Crating your puppy
By all means have a crate ready for your puppy when it needs to slip away and take a nap on a blanket. It is much safer to have a sleeping puppy in its bed than under a careless foot.

Keep that Bottom clean!
Make sure that your Yorkie's bottom is clean, and that poop isn't caught in hair. This can cause the puppy to become can actually keep a puppy from being able to have a bowel movement. This can cause serious problems! It is a very wise idea to keep the hair around the bottom shaved or at least cut short.

Enjoy your puppy...............Deidre
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