" Whoever said you cant buy happiness forgot about these adorable yorkies"
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Yorkie Puppies for Sale
Yorkies For Sale

Dr. Yorkies is an ethical breeder of Yorkshire Terrier Puppies in Western Arkansas but we ship all over the U.S. All of our yorkie puppes are raised on our cattle and poultry farm.  Our Yorkshire Terriers are a part of our home. We love having them as part of our family, and want to spread the joy by offering yorkie puppies for sale, including the adorable teacup yorkies for sale. 

For a long time now I have been an American Kennel Club puppy breeder. I strive to meet the standard Yorkshire Terrier Breed standards, and to improve at every opportunity the looks, genetics, and temperament of my yorkies.

We know that people look for different traits that make their puppy special: different coloring, sizes, etc. Our puppies range from tiny to mid size, and have a variety of different colorings. We consider all of our yorkies for sale to be one of a kind whatever size they might be. 

Some breeders choose not to refer to the tiny Yorkies as "Teacup Yorkies." Whatever you choose to call these little darlings, I have teacup yorkies for sale from time to time. They come from our parents who are genetically smaller . They are lively and healthy, bright eyed and eager to run and play. I discuss them in more detail on our blog.

I also discuss those so called online breeders who advertise cheap Yorkies. This is most likely someone who is a scammer.  A scammer is someone who promises you Yorkie puppies for sale at a greatly reduced price, or even a free one. When you make a payment and go to pick up your Yorkshire Terrier puppy, there is no Yorkie puppy there.  Yorkshire Terrier's have been tops on the popularity list of dogs for a long time now. People will always take of advantage of the fact that people love these Yorkie puppies, and will go to any means to make money at your expense!

Check out my Yorkie Puppy blog page (which is currently being updated). I will discuss in more detail about choosing the right puppy for your family, and how to select a local breeder in Arkansas or an online breeder. I will also discuss Yorkie puppy training, and watching out for hypoglycemia. This is a medical term for low blood sugar, which is commonly referred to as "sugar shock."  Low blood sugar is a potential problem for all Yorkshire Terrier puppies of all sizes, and it will cause death if not treated quickly.

I will be happy to discuss our Yorkies with you. You can reach me at:
 (479) 227-1198. 

Just one click here to email me.  

Thanks for stopping by...........Deidre

Yorkies for sale
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We have precious Yorkie Puppies starting at $500.
They are ready for their Forever Homes. Check them out on 
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Yorkie Puppies for Sale—by Dr Yorkies

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Yorkies For Sale

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